Copy of Our Story

Andrea Armstrong (granddaughter) and the late Gordon Carton (founder)


Every great brand has their story, but we have Gordon Carton. He’s our founder, hero and a passionate Canadian who believed that happiness is all around us. He came to this belief after 95 years of passionate living including service in World War II, an MPP in the Ontario Provincial Government and a successful entrepreneur.  In his infinite wisdom, Gord did not take happiness lightly. He knew there was no such thing as a lifetime of happiness, but believed we have moments of happiness that we seek and appreciate and wish to share. For Gordon, his moments of happiness were about being Canadian, and he was a man with a mission to inspire all Canadians to join him in celebrating their happy moments. That's what motivated him to launch in the fall of 2016, at the age of 95, a casual clothing company called Happiness Is Inc…. made with pride and happiness…of being Canadian.

Gordon passed away suddenly in 2017 but, his granddaughter, Andrea is determined to carry on the legacy of what he began.  

Join us in celebrating Canada’s 150th year with pride and many, many happy moments.



Our clothes share many of the characteristics we love about being Canadian.  They’re all made with premium yarn that’s strong enough to avoid tearing, fraying or pilling, yet soft and easy going to wear.  Our tees and crewnecks are washed, preshrunk, and garment dyed, so the colours have just the right amount of fade for a well-loved and lived in look.  We love that they are practical and easy to care for, and important factor for busy and active people.  Our preshrunk hoodies and zips are made of a sturdy, fleece fabric to withstand our extreme seasons, but we made sure to brush the interior for a supremely soft feel on the inside and outside…bringing a little extra happiness for anyone you might want to cuddle up to.


We believe that Happiness is…about giving back. That’s why 10% of our net proceeds will go to Trans Canada Trail, a not-for-profit working with donors, partners and volunteers to create The Great Trail – an epic trail of trails and sustainable gift from Canadians to Canadians – that fosters unity, collaboration and connectedness. We also believe that we live in a time when Canadians are more than ever connected on an emotional level with their national pride. To us, The Great Trail represents the physical manifestation of that, spanning 24,000 km, connecting three oceans and over 15,000 communities. We hope Canadians will join us to not only support the connection of The Great Trail but to also use it, enjoy it and connect with the outdoors…to find their happy moment. 

We are proud to be partnering with Trans Canada Trail in this very important year.